Wednesday, August 19, 2009

123di launches The 123 of digital imaging Version 6

123di Version 6.0 Integrates Photography Techniques with Post-processing
Post-processing rarely turns wrongly exposed or badly composed images into winners. Even the most sophisticated editing techniques and software are simply no substitute for excellent photography. On the other hand, photographers who ignore post-processing are not making full use of the potential of digital imaging, even if they are professional photographers using the best equipment. Post-processing makes it possible to bring even award-winning images to the next level by allowing the photographer to capture the entire dynamic range of the scene, allocate tonal detail exactly where it is desired, adjust perspective, correct for lens imperfections, tweak the color to the gamut of the monitor or print, add the right amount of sharpening depending on the desired output, etc.

Precisely with this in mind, 123di Version 6.0 advocates a three-step integrated approach to create winning images: capture the best possible picture by focusing on the correct camera settings and applying the right photography techniques, and bring the results to the next level with post-processing, preferably in RAW. Instead of treating these as three sequential and separate steps, the holistic 123di approach recommends shooting with the post-processing abilities in mind.

Three-step Interactive Learning Experience
While camera manuals state “how” to configure your camera, 123di explains “why”, “where”, and “when” certain settings are needed to achieve the desired photographic objectives. Among other things, a unique “interactive simulation” makes it incredibly easy to understand how aperture, shutterspeed, and sensitivity affect exposure, depth of field, motion blur, noise, and diffraction in the various exposure modes. One single interactive page simulates hundreds of scenarios and replaces days of practical experience, hours of video, and hundreds of pages in a conventional book. This “hands-on” interactive learning experience is backed up by theoretical background information.

Creating amazing images is not just about getting the camera settings right, it is also about finding the little “extra” that sets the extra-ordinary image apart from the ordinary one. This requires evolving from a “point-and-shoot” to a “move-around-and-shoot” photographer who applies proper composition techniques and always pays attention to the lighting at the scene. 123di illustrates this through practical examples, often showing an “average” way and a “unique” way to capture the same scene.

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